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A manifesto for street arts

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A manifesto for street arts

« We exist because it is necessary that we exist,
We were born 2 500 years ago
People often meet us by accident, sometimes even without knowing it
We are there for all eyes and all ears
We invade all sorts of spaces: streets, brown sites, forests,
the countryside, courtyards, cities, villages …
People say we are street people
That is our stage, our ring, that’s what we have chosen,
We are working on the streets …
Artists, authors, programmers, technicians … !
These days,
when commerce is taking over the whole place,
when fear is fostered so that we think low and put on our blinkers,
when borders, signs and barriers multiply,
when one is constantly asked to keep moving
We say loud and clear that there is something to see,
To share,
To meet,
There are hundreds of street parties, meetings, thousands of artists,
Millions of spectators,
There is something that we
Artists and citizens alike, keep working at to build,
Day after day!
We demand the right to live by our professions,
We believe that art can save the world,
Preferably at once …
And that it should develop
All the way to free (the) streets! ».

La Fédération des Arts de la Rue

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